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It's been almost two months since my last blog post, and a lot has happened in that time from a productivity standpoint. I want to talk about an application that hasn't just revolutionised the way I study - It's changed everything about enhancing productivity in all areas of my life.

Notion is far more than a note-taking productivity tool. In 2020, with all of the daily distractions and disastrous events happening around the world, Notion has been a place that's consistently inspiring me on a day-to-day basis. It can be used in so many different ways, for collaborating with a team, keeping track of household tasks and finances and even hosting a website (just like how my blog is being posted now - check out Super). Its original purpose was to build a system for note-taking for university. It blew me away from the very beginning - but had to stop using it for a few months due to its (current) lack of Apple Pencil support (I couldn't practice 漢字).

But I've just finished my course of Japanese at university, and the remainder of my degree will be in politics and international relations, so now it'll be really important to compile research and take notes in one easy-to-use and powerful workspace (this video is brilliant in explaining a great way to use Notion as a student).

I'll admit that at first when I started using this program, it confused me. But once I started to visualise the hierarchy systems that it creates and how much flexibility it gives you in creating anything, I knew this was going to change my life.

Ever since, I'm ultra-productive with any task that I set my mind to. I look for the best way to create a Notion workflow for the specific task (it comes with a collection of easy-to-use templates too) I'm trying to complete, and before I know it the rest is history!

Thank you, Notion. You've changed my life.

Special thanks to Jem for inviting me to it at first! I've since shared this app with a handful of other people who's productivity has changed for the better, forever.

If you like the design of this website, it was made using Notion with Super, click the link to set up your own Notion site 😊

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