Travel In Perspective

A lot of people would really like to travel right now. I’m in the same boat, with international travel plans thrown out of the window. 2020 has thrown so many curve balls at all of us already, but travel still seems to be one of the most desired things people want to do, particularly when we’re stuck at home in isolation from others or due to other circumstances out of our control (there’s been a lot of that this year already).

Here in Australia, the current global health crisis came immediately after one of the worst (if not theworst) bushfire seasons in Australian history, essentially paralysing the tourism industry in many regional areas in multiple states effected by the fires. In South Australia and a few hours drive south of my home city of Adelaide, Australia’s 3rd largest island – Kangaroo Island – suffered the worst fire in recorded history, with 46% of the entire island burnt. Even though the fire damaged a significant percentage of the island, the economic impact has been just as severe, as the island has always been a huge tourist attraction.

Now, with state borders in lockdown, and although opportunities for international travel have disappeared for now, the current lockdown situation has provided an unusual silver lining for those regional areas that desperately need an economic boost after the disastrous bushfire season.

If you feel like travelling at the moment, consider giving back to your local and regional economies and discover what your state, territory or prefecture has to offer by visiting these areas for a day or two. Or turn it into a road trip, spend the weekend in a variety of places. Particularly in Australia, now is the time to support those regions effected by bushfires and give them an economic boost. Go out of your way to purchase locally-grown or manufactured products, visit a bed-and-breakfast to enjoy the silence of the countryside, and be mindful about what your regions could use help with right now. It doesn’t take much, plus we could all do with a break at the moment.

Travel is still possible, but you just have to change your perspective. You may even find it more rewarding than your original travel plan.

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