Reflecting on the last few years, I’ve noticed my creative brain has evolved in many ways. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say it’s “devolved” instead.

My teenage self was obsessed with making music, challenging my ears to create better-sounding sonic soundscapes and build an emotional consciousness that lived in the music I made. Several years back, and due to both a lack of desire to continue and after being disappointed by the business side of music, I compiled a bunch of finished music, released an “album” and “retired” from the craft. Occasionally I’d dabble back into it as a seemingly necessary creative release but ultimately I’d most certainly put this hobby to rest, to collect dust on a shelf for occasional infrequent glance back to remember and reminisce.

These days, this blog is one of my creative outlets. In many ways, making music was my emotional consciousness transfer and writing my thoughts here is a devolved version of much the same thing. It certainly takes a lot less effort. In fact I’m writing this from a seat on a bus on the way to work, whilst music production needed substantial time and the right hardware and software. Sometimes I’m disappointed I didn’t continue music making, as I’m confident in saying I know I was very good at it and could have achieved a lot more. But as we get older, we understand and prioritise other parts of our lives, and for me, it was a chapter that needed closing so I could pursue new endeavours. Most people didn’t believe I’d fully give up music, and in many ways I didn’t. I still listen to a wide variety of music (although genre choice is a lot different now). But to say I’m a less creative person now is far from the truth. I try to challenge my brain in new ways, and reflecting on this post ten years from now may reveal a lot about the creative processes I embark on from here.

What I want to try and do is spend more time documenting what I learn about being creative, being present in the moment and respecting myself for who I am and what I stand for. After all, that’s what I think we all want deep down.

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