Zero Five Hundred

what are you doing at 5:00am?

Do you want to wake up at 0500?

Does that sound like a terrible idea to you, or does it sounds like heaven?

There are ‘morning people’… and there are ‘not morning people’. For as long as I can remember, I always thought that mornings were for sleeping and preferred to live life later into the day (and into the depths of the night). It wasn’t until I decided to focus on my health and run early in the morning that I realised how much I valued the peace and tranquility which comes with regularly rising early in the day.

Now, I love it. But although I couldn’t picture my day without it not too long ago, I’ve found that this habit, amongst others (to be expanded on) has slipped a little.

Why though? I think I’ve worked it out.

In my part of the world in Australia, it gets fairly dark at night and is still very dark at my early rising time during winter. So when the sun was naturally waking me up during the brighter morning periods, it was much easier to rise and enjoy the day from an earlier time. When winter began and was reasonably cold, it was much more difficult to have that natural urge to rise when the sun wasn’t up.

Now that the sun is regularly rising early again, it looks like I’m able to get up nice and early and enjoy the day. With that, comes multiple benefits which I’ve been enjoying including more frequent exercise and being able to work on getting the right headspace to make the most of the day ahead.

Can you see yourself waking up at 0500? Do you want to but haven’t been able to make it happen? What do you think is making it difficult for you?

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