Whenever we feel lost or overwhelmed by something, often we seek distraction. It's like a mechanism for procrastination. Sometimes it feels impossible to avoid. I would know, sometimes writing here is that distraction for me. But nevertheless, distraction is something we can only overcome unless we mindfully, intentionally, attack it head on. First, ask yourself a few questions. Sense the triggers that occur for you.

  • Why are you distracted?
  • What are you trying to avoid, if anything?
  • Do you feel lost? What are the root causes that feeling?
  • Are you doing yourself any favours?
  • Is this distraction helping your purpose? (I'll re-visit the idea of 'purpose' down the track)

Lately I've forgotten to check in with myself and see how I am. By just pondering a few questions, you can completely remove your distraction. Or, paradoxically, remove an un-constructive distraction and replace it with a useful one.

Check in with yourself. See how you're going.

You might be surprised by the answer you receive.

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