Home Is Wherever It Wants To Be

I’ve recently been asked (by a lot of people): Why do you want to move overseas? Why Japan? Would you live elsewhere in Australia? The truth is: I don’t think I know why just yet, but I know I need to do it.

I recently travelled to Brisbane, Queensland for a conference for work (Queen Street Mall, pictured above). The last time I visited Brisbane was about ten years ago, and a lot had changed since, but finding myself working in an unfamiliar location excited me for a few reasons.

  1. Expecting the unexpected
  2. Being uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings

I’m a firm believer in conquering fears. Always easier said than done, but ever since my first visit to Japan, “losing myself” (quite literally) proved to be one the most exciting times of my life. I loved not knowing where I was and found I was awaiting something new around every corner. It almost reminds me of that Australian advertisement from Tourism Victoria with the large ball of yarn that led the visitors to all the sights and sounds around Melbourne, but my experience negated the string.

My work trip to Brisbane was complete with an itinerary so I had expectations, but the experience reminded me of that time I went to Japan on my own, and helped centre much of my ways of thinking. Having a small quiet space to myself brought be back to that business hotel and a small room with a tiny bed, or a capsule hotel in a small rectangular box or even the pod hotel in Kyoto (which is the same as the capsule hotel, but with a private table).

The thought of being on my own in a foreign country scared me, but experiencing this kind of independence both for business and leisure reinforced the desire for a future built on not knowing what is right around the corner. Ten years ago I couldn’t possibly imaging desiring such things, but it’s incredible what can change in such a short amount of time.

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